July 17, 2024

The Universe could be a hologram and we live in the Matrix

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A new study suggests that looking inside a black hole could show that the Universe is just a simulation and that we live in the Matrix . Black holes are literally invisible, but there is a very special region in them: the event horizon . This is the threshold beyond which the force of gravity becomes large enough to prevent any radiation from escaping the black hole. On this threshold, space and time behave in a peculiar way, escaping the laws of physics.

The laws of physics dictate that we cannot see through a black hole ‘s event horizon, and not even light can escape it. However, a new study proposes a technique for doing just that, and its findings could help solve one of science’s most difficult problems.


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The team of physicists from the University of Michigan in the United States goes further and even suggests that the Universe could be a hologram . “ In Einstein’s theory of General Relativity , there are no particles, there is only space-time. And in the Standard Model of particle physics there is no gravity, there are only particles “, explained Enrico Rinaldi, co-author of the study. “ Linking the two different theories is a long-standing matter in physics, something that people have been trying to do since the last century, ” he added.

The holographic principle suggests that gravity theory and particle theory are actually mathematically equivalent . The problem is that gravity theory requires three dimensions , while particle theory only has two. This is where black holes come into play. They are a precious object to reconcile the two theories, as they distort the three-dimensional space-time, but we observe them only for their mathematical connection to the particles, projected through the two-dimensional space.

Solving quantum matrix models would show that the math representing particle theory could equally represent gravity. To find the solution, the team of researchers used quantum circuits and ran the system through a special neural network.

Already in ancient Greece, Plato in his book Allegory of the cave suggested that our world was nothing more than an illusion. In Hinduism it is said that the god Brahman had a dream in which drops of sweat came out of his body, grew and became galaxies, planets, men, animals, etc. So, everything we know today as the real physical world would be nothing more than a dream of the god Brahman, and when he wakes up, it will all be over.